Sunday, March 20, 2005

Third time is the charm, no?

Sooooo....yup, frogged it AGAIN last night and immediately cast on because I knew that if I didn't, this project may end up on the back burner and I didn't really want that to happen.

Will I ever learn to NOT knit when I'm tired? Obviously hasn't happened yet. Mom always said I was stubborn....yep, but I prefer tenacious or determined :)

I'm making mine out of Plymouth's Stone Cotton in black which I got at Elann's on a great sale. The trim will be in Tahki's Old "New Tweed" in blue #020. I say old "new Tweed" because Tahki changed the fiber content a bit and will reintroduce the line in the Spring.

Here is a swatch of the sleeve eyelet pattern...


Blogger Jennifer said...

OOooo! That's going to be a very nice Bad Penny. Let us know how working with the stone cotton goes. I was also eyeing that yarn on Elann.

6:57 AM  

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